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Buy Now, Pay Later on Solana

Enable consumers to pay on credit lines (BNPL) while paying through Solana Pay

Enabling Financial Transactions on IOT devices

Power micropayments and other financial transactions using the Helium network and Solana

Build a Webhook service for Solana Pay

Event-driven Infra for Solana Payment Products and Services

Scan and Pay Integration for Merchants

A seamless POS solution for merchants

Tipping Links on Solana

Request payments by just using a link via Solana Pay

Programmable Money

Open-source, no-cost automation tool for finance

Cross-chain Payments

Building for the multi-chain future

Streamflow PDF Generator

Generate PDF report based on completed stream

No-Code Point of Sale System

Help small and medium sized businesses benefit from SPL token payments

Integrate Streamflow with Realms

Allow token vesting and grants through the Realms interface

Drop-In Payment Forms

Create plug-and-play forms for streaming and vesting within an app

Automated Budgeting Workflows

Automate workflows for organizations to manage their budget

Subscriptions Management Platform

Use the Streamflow protocol to handle subscriptions seamlessly

Merchant Enablement System

Build a new, seamless onboarding system for merchants who would benefit from Solana Pay

Making Remittances Easier

Improve the $500b+ remittance industry

Streaming Cashflows on Solana

Use Solana Pay to enable subscriptions, payouts, and more

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