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Decentralized Rideshare and Logistics

Build a Web3 version of Uber/Doordash

Build using Session Keys

Pave the way for a new era of seamless user experience in crypto

Transaction Guards

Adding a layer of security and control on Wallets

Gasless Transactions

Enable users to engage effectively with dApps without having to pay gas fees

The End of Seed Phrases

Empower the mass adoption of crypto by helping users overcome the one-inch tall barrier of seed phrases

Private POS terminal

Utilizing zero-knowledge proofs in the real world

Security Analysis Tool

An analysis tool for safeguarding digital assets

with Solana

OAuth2 enabled integrated Solana sign-in

Reusable Transaction Examples for Signing from Custodial Wallets

Creating reusable transaction examples for Fireblocks and nonce accounts to improve UX for institutional clients

Decentralized identity (DIDs) on Solana

A new privacy-preserving decentralized identity model

Improving Data Querying for Solana

Web-based tool allowing users to query Solana's on-chain data, better

Contract Method Name Registry

Improve readability for contract functions

Access crypto without a smart phone

Overcoming Accessibility Barriers in the Ecosystem

Decentralized Postgres

An on-chain database system for Solana

Full-stack Decentralization

Decentralizing All Layers of the Development Stack

Uncensorable GitHub

Censorship-resistant Development

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