Your Gallery, Your Privacy


Problem to Solve:

Today, people have monthly fees to back up their gallery photos and videos to a service like Google Photos and iCloud. As the gallery size of a device grows, so does the backup size, therefore leading up to hefty monthly fees. People get trapped in these fees as they can’t pause backups either.

Possible Solution:

In this open-sourced app, there would be an inbuilt non-custodial wallet where the users can deposit either USDC or fiat in the form of credits. This app will then encrypt all media inside the phone using the private key of the non-custodial wallet and utilize the credits to upload it to a decentralized storage platform like Shadow Drive or Arweave.

Instead of a database to store the Shadow Drive or Arweave links, this app will use a protocol built on Solana, Wordcel. Along with either a custom indexer or pre-built indexers.

By offering an alternative to centralized photo storage services, this app will allow users to avoid paying monthly fees and support a community-driven solution. It will also enable users to take control of their data and protect their privacy, rather than relying on centralized servers that may be vulnerable to data breaches or unwanted access.


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