X-to-Earn Ecosystem of Applications


Problem to Solve:

StepN and similar apps have demonstrated the potential of incentivization to drive user growth in Web3 mobile apps and X-to-Earn - unlike traditional apps such as Google Maps or survey forms, which don't incentivize user participation despite benefiting from it. The lack of an incentive layer in such mainstream products may have broader implications.

Possible Solution:

There can be a wide range of applications possible:

Anonymize & share on-device collected data and monetize by selling it to companies for tokens. Surveys can also be tokenized. Users can also provide user-generated content, photos, etc., to AI learning models for rewards.

Small micro-tasks like “sending 20 personalized emails” can be put up, allowing users to earn for their time and effort.

If a user can perform a valuable task in a given location, use the phone's GPS location to ensure the user is in the correct location to receive a reward. Hivemapper is a good example.

Think Yelp, Google reviews, etc., but users are incentivized to provide reviews via earning tokens.

These applications can be standalone Apps on mobile or be an xNFT on the Backpack wallet, enabling the creation of an ecosystem of apps.


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