Verticalised Food-Review Community


Problem to Solve:

Social apps are hard to build but they will form the gateway to onboard the next wave of users to crypto.Food is another domain that captures a large number of people and has the ability to form niche communities around it. With crypto-powered reputation and incentives, a community and frontend for niche foods should be a fascinating way to create these communities.

Possible Solution:

Think zomato or foursquare but just focused on one thing (biryani, coffee etc.) with reputation badges & crypto loyalty incentives for reviewers in the app.


  1. The Gum SDK
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  3. Invite to the Gum Discord
  4. "Building the Ultimate Loyalty Program" - By Scriblooooor from Superteam
  5. A list of Mobile projects that have won Solana global hackathons in the past

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