Sports Betting Market Making Ttools


Problem to Solve:

Market makers add value by injecting liquidity into a market - they are essential to any healthy exchange. However, many of the tools today available to market makers are burdensome, manual, and often time consuming.

Possible Solution:

A market making tool that allows users to inject liquidity in a programmatic manner onto a market. These tools would allow a market marker to set unique, personalised parameters such as depth, volume, etc. They should also be able to adapt instantly to new market information and overall price movements. A tool this powerful would allow market makers to participate in more markets, making their capital more efficient, and by extension, the market more efficient for end users.


  1. A basic market seeder tool has been outsourced in the Monaco Github
  2. Bet Angel is a common tool used in the sports betting industry to trade programmatically on Betfair
  3. The Monaco Protocol Docs
  4. The Monaco Protocol SDK
  5. A list of DeFi projects that have won Solana global hackathons in the past

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