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Problem to Solve:

Rust is a programming language that is known for its performance, safety, and concurrency. However, it is also considered to be a difficult language to learn, especially for developers who are new to programming.

There is a lot of documentation available on building on Solana, but this can be overwhelming for new developers who are just starting their development journey. To make the onboarding process easier and more intuitive, there is a need for more resources and support -- this could include tutorials, sample code, and other learning materials that are specifically designed to make the learning process more enjoyable.

Possible Solution:

A no-code platform which can be used for educating the new devs with the fundamentals. As well as create prototypes without coding and understand how the interactions work with each block.

It can be the teaching tool for hands-on learning. Helps visual learners about the workings of solana with a visual editor. 

Provide a drag-and-drop interface for prototyping Smart Contracts and dApps, making it easy to understand how the components of a dApp interact and behave. 

The tool can explain basics of cryptography, rust & solana ecosystem including -

- Encryption 
- Digital signatures 
- Signing transactions,
- Smart contracts, and
- More basics


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