Social Media Aggregator


Problem to Solve:

With the rise of social media networks and protocols on Solana like Spling, Gum, Dispatch, and subsequent front-ends getting built on them - there is a high chance of fragmented social media content, making it difficult for the user to navigate and keep up with the latest content. Fragmentation can also lead to poor network effects for the platforms as users will get divided between these protocols, ultimately leading to the death of many dApps.

A similar problem existed with Decentralised Exchanges, where liquidity for swapping assets was fragmented between different projects like OpenBook, Raydium, Orca, and so on - solved it by aggregating all of them. This gave users a unified UX while helping them with the best routes and lowest fees.

Possible Solution:

Think of this as Jupiter Aggregator for social media content instead of asset swaps. The content of all these protocols will live on the Solana blockchain, so users should be able to link all their social frontends and get a unified feed to interact with those posts. Composability will power collaboration over competition.

The best UX aggregator app will ultimately win the user’s mobile screen time and hence, there are higher chances of monetization over the long term. The algorithms of the social media feeds can also be a strong differentiator. For sample frontends building on such protocols, check out Wordcel and Solarplex.


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