NFT-based Gaming SuperApp


Problem to Solve:

With many Web3 games coming up, gamers would want a single platform to access all games. In Web2, platforms like Miniclip or poki aggregator have various mini-games under one umbrella. A similar platform for Web3 will be needed in the near future.

Possible Solution:

A gaming super-app where gamers can discover, access, and play an array of casual web3 games from a single app. Think of it as the early days of ‘Facebook Gaming,’ where people used to log in to Facebook to play those casual games!

To make it a unified experience, the following features can be incorporated:

1. A single currency to be used in all apps in the marketplace/super-app, which automatically gets converted to the respective in-game currency in the backend.
2. Cross-chain experience: Aggregating games across multiple chains, like Polygon and Avalanche, to abstract the experience for a Solana user via cross-chain messaging frameworks like Wormhole
3. Recommendation Engine: Discover the hottest games, which are optimised as per incentivisation or better gameplay
4. Integrated On/Off-ramps
5. Cross-usage of gaming assets in the form of NFTs across all gaming apps in the ecosystem leveraging the power of composability.


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