Mobile Notification SDKs for Solana Mobile Stack


Problem to Solve:

Mobile developers looking to build great mobile apps need a notification suite tailored specifically for Web3 to support on-chain transaction-based triggers. While Notifi solves notifications for browser-based Web3 dApps, more mobile-focused features like push notifications must be built.

Possible Solution:

The Notification SDKs should enable any Web3 app developer to allow their user to seamlessly:

1. Send notifications for any number of on-chain activities like receiving payments
2. Approve wallet transactions via notification instead of opening the wallet for transactions less than X amount.
3. Provide incentives for users to come back into the existing app via push notifications. E.g., Airdrops based on push notification clicks
4. Send push notifications based on on-chain triggers like prompting a user to buy a NFT whenever he loads > $500 on their wallet.
5. Promos and Update notifications from on-chain activity


  1. Solana Mobile Stack
  2. For reference notification implementation: Notifi 
  3. Helius for on-chain transactions fetching
  4. A list of Developer Tooling projects that have won Solana global hackathons in the past

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