Loaded Wallet on Creating Account


Problem to Solve:

A wallet where when you create a new account you are given 5 sol or eth on the devnet. As a newbie, who has no idea about solana faucet a lot of users churn because they don’t understand how to start using the wallet.

Why should someone build this?

  1. This will significantly reduce the churn rate. A lot of lurkers like me when created a phantom wallet had no idea what to do with it. Because even on the devnet you have to pay gas to interact with dapps. And if you don’t know anything about airdrop you will never be able to pay for the gas and users will end up not interacting with the dapps.
  2. The more users are able to interact with Dapps, the faster the adoption of web3 will be.
  3. The focus should be to reduce friction for the use. Another way would be for the wallet to suggest dApps to try out. Similar to what Backpack is doing with xNFTs.


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