Hot-Reloading Programs


Problem to Solve:

Whenever changes are made to the source code of a program, the developer has to manually stop and restart the program, for the changes to be applied and reflected in the application. This can be a time-consuming and tedious process, especially if the developer is making frequent changes to the code.

Possible Solution:

A tool that hot-reloads programs on Solana for local development. 

This can save a lot of time and effort, especially in a local development environment where developers may be making frequent changes and trying out different ideas. 

With hot reloading, they can make a change to their code, save the file, and immediately see the effects in the running application, without having to go through the process of manually stopping and restarting the program. This can help accelerate the development process and make it easier for developers to iterate and experiment with their code.

Can leverage Solana Playground APIs.

Should be working for both Anchor and Native if possible. But the priority is Anchor.


  1. Inspiration - Nodemon
  2. Solana Playground
  3. Solana Docs
  4. Solana SDKs and Frameworks
  5. A list of Developer Tools that have won Solana global hackathons in the past

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