Gasless POAP Dispenser


Problem to Solve:

Creating and distributing POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol) can be costly and cumbersome due to gas fees and storage costs. Many users and event organizers need a simple, cost-effective way to set up and issue POAPs without incurring high fees. Current platforms do not offer gasless options, limiting accessibility for users who want to create and distribute POAPs.

Possible Solution:

The Gasless POAP Dispenser is a platform that enables users to create and distribute compressed NFTs without incurring gas fees. As an example, the service could set up 100 tree structures that hold between 100,000 and 500,000 NFTs, providing ample capacity for issuing POAPs. The platform streamlines the metadata upload process and covers storage costs, making it easy for users to create and distribute identical POAPs without worrying about gas fees. Users can set up POAPs tied to a QR code or Solana Pay transaction request, simplifying the claiming process for participants. By offering gasless NFT distribution, the platform reduces barriers to entry and promotes wider adoption of POAPs.

Key Features Summary:
- Gasless NFT distribution for POAPs
- Pre-configured tree structures to hold large quantities of NFTs (e.g., 100 trees holding 100,000-500,000 NFTs each)
- Streamlined metadata upload processQR code and Solana Pay transaction request integration for easy claiming
- Service covers storage costs for issuing POAPs with identical NFTs


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