DeFi Research and Risk DAO on Solana


Problem to Solve:

From $10 Billion in TVL to $200 Million in TVL, multiple protocols like Friktion, Everlend, and Nazare shut down, serious liquidity crunch - it's evident that Solana DeFi has been severely hit hard by the FTX crash. There's a void in Solana DeFi post-SBF/Alameda's exit, as they were one of the major contributors to Solana DeFi.

1) Unlike other blockchains, Solana lacks a leader project in DeFi, as no project has a dominant voice (For example - Ethereum has Uniswap and Aave).

2) Unlike blockchains like NEAR, Solana Foundation doesn't have a DeFi think tank to help navigate existing DeFi teams and nurture new DeFi projects. DeFi sharp minds don't have a platform to discuss ideas, do deep research, and get reviews from the community.

3) BD/Partnerships is right now centralized with Solana Foundation, and with the thinner foundation thesis, Solana BD will have a limited chance to grow. There's a need to decentralize the chain's BD initiatives.

Solana DeFi is critical to attracting capital and making the ecosystem thrive.

Possible Solution:

Formulation of a DAO solely focussed on DeFi. Think, Superteam but for DeFi.

What will the DAO do?

1) Research: Think of unique financial use cases possible only on Solana and publish them for the wider community to glorify Solana DeFi.

2) Accelerate: Help early-stage DeFi teams and nurture them in the initial stages, helping them with liquidity, capital, and BD connections

3) Risk Management: They can provide research and risk analysis for DeFi protocols. It can also publish public Risk Analysis Dashboards with key metrics for the Solana ecosystem and offer paid research, risk assessment frameworks, and risk rating services to DeFi projects.

4) Consulting and Services: It can also become a degen talent layer for DeFi protocols and provide services to earn revenue.

5) BD: The DAO will also take care of matchmaking in Ecosystems, helping DeFi teams bag Web2 (FinTech) partnerships, bringing institutions, Market Makers, and TradFi on DeFi.

Impact: Became a hub for all bright Solana DeFi minds, Bringing partnerships and Nurture Projects

In case you are interested in building or supporting this initiative. DM me at @yashhsm on Twitter/Telegram - happy to take this forward.


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