Crowdfunding App for DAOs


Problem to Solve:

While the existing applications solve the problem of raising funds for charities and social good, they are very opaque and don’t allow for inherent global payments.

Crypto has an excellent utility for donations due to its global nature and accessibility. For example, Unchain, and UkraineDAO raised over $10M in crypto donations for the Ukraine war. Gitcoin Round 13 raised over $700K for humanitarian aid, which was matched by organizations. Many independent projects also used Gitcoin to fundraise for Ukraine. Crypto donations can be expanded to other social causes like Climate Change, education, and healthcare.

However, all solutions are browser-focused, and mobile-friendly solutions are required for higher inclusivity in low-income countries.

Possible Solution:

Think gitcoin, but mobile-friendly and geared toward charities. For instance, an Earthquake relief donation campaign can be started via a simple wallet sign-in by a mobile application user in Turkey. The campaign will be completely launched on-chain, where all the donations are transparent.

If multiple individuals or organizations are behind a donation campaign, the treasury management solutions like Multi-sig can also be provided, allowing them to utilize treasury in a decentralized manner effectively.


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