Content Creation as NFTs


Problem to Solve:

Minting an NFT is a hassle for everyday mobile users. They have to rely on SDKs like Candy Machine or, in the best case, a low-code solution to mint an NFT. Gaming was also desktop-based until it went mobile and led to casual gamers. A similar shift is bound to happen for NFTs, and there will be “Casual NFT Creators” who will be generating NFT-based content as a hobby. Solana’s Account Compression would further reduce the cost of 1 Million NFTs to just 5 SOL, making casual NFT minting at scale only possible on Solana. Meta releasing NFTs showcase via Instagram will only accelerate the trend of seamless casual NFT minting. Users would want to flaunt their captured images/reels in the form of NFTs.

Possible Solution:

Content creation can be minted on-device and shared via existing or new social networks. The content can be of any type:

- Photos & photo editing and Memes
- Videos & special effects
- 2D artwork, drawings, and Simple 3D modeling
- Audio, both short and long-form
- Generative building blocks
- User-generated content from games and Metaverse fashion
- Written content: ebooks, blog posts, poetry, and more


  1. For NFT SDKs: Metaplex,
  2. Solana Mobile Stack
  3. Similar applications: Minty Fresh, Niftyclick
  4. A list of Mobile projects that have won Solana global hackathons in the past

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