Backpack for Earning


Problem to Solve:

The xNFT protocol & Backpack wallet show how one can build a crypto app ecosystem. It delivers great UX by abstracting out the wallet & blockchain interactions from individual apps to Backpack. And the xNFT protocol allows anyone to publish their apps without needing to be approved or straightjacketed.

Today, the Backpack wallet is a browser extension and the home to a range of xNFTs including casual games, NFT communities & marketplaces, DeFi apps, etc.

We think an Earning Superapp built on the xNFT protocol is a powerful product to accelerate the growth of earning bundles.


  1. this is built as an android app which can easily be side-loaded on any existing $100-$200 dollar phone
  2. it contains a wallet which is shared across all the xNFTs published to it
  3. it pilots a reputation & KYC system that combines the best of web2 (national ID, drivers license, bank details) and crypto concepts
  4. it is bootstrapped with a few types of xNFTs by potential sponsors


  1. xNFT Docs
  2. Solana Mobile Stack
  3. A list of Mobile projects that have won Solana global hackathons in the past

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