Automatically Offset Transactions


Problem to Solve:

A solution needed that gives users the option to offset their transactions whenever they make one.

Possible Solution:

A plug-in that makes it easy for any developer to add a “purchase offset” button to transactions on the Solana blockchain. For example, someone buying an NFT on MagicEden would automatically have the option to purchase a carbon offset at the point of sale, to make their transaction carbon-neutral.

- This plug-in can be built using Change’s Climate APIs – to both calculate and purchase the offset
- With Change, someone can build an interface where a user connects their wallet and all activity for the wallet is automatically offset with Change’s climate APIs. There would need to be some delegated authority for a pool of funds.
- Allow creators to drop in their collection address into a form to offset their NFT collection. This can be done via Change’s APIs (example).


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