An Interactive NFT State Compression Visualizer


Problem to Solve:

As the popularity of NFTs grows, so does the need for efficient ways to manage and verify their underlying data. Developers and users alike require tools to better understand the structure and relationships of hash information, and to generate proofs in real-time. Current visualizers lack the ability to display this crucial information, making it harder for users to grasp the intricacies of their NFTs.

Possible Solution:

NFTree is an interactive NFT state compression visualizer that presents hash information as nodes in a tree-like structure. Users can provide their tree data, which the platform will use to map out the entire structure, complete with roots and canopy. Through a user-friendly interface, NFTree connects to the RPC, allowing for live proof generation and verification. To increase accessibility, the platform will be hosted on a domain such as Helius.

Key Features:

- Interactive tree-like visualization of NFT hash information
- Real-time proof generation and verification through RPC integration
- User-friendly interface for easy navigation and understanding of NFT structures
- Hosting on a reliable domain for easy access and increased visibility


  1. Merkle Tree Demo
  2. A list of NFT projects that have won Solana global hackathons in the past

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